Price Drop! Tefal GV8931 Steam 120g Generator Iron 6 bar Turbo 310g Ex Display

Price Drop! Tefal GV8931 Steam 120g Generator Iron 6 bar Turbo 310g Ex Display

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Price Drop! Tefal GV8931 Steam 120g Generator Iron 6 bar Turbo 310g Ex Display
Price Drop! Tefal GV8931 Steam 120g Generator Iron 6 bar Turbo 310g Ex Display
Price Drop! Tefal GV8931 Steam 120g Generator Iron 6 bar Turbo 310g Ex Display
Price Drop! Tefal GV8931 Steam 120g Generator Iron 6 bar Turbo 310g Ex Display
Price Drop! Tefal GV8931 Steam 120g Generator Iron 6 bar Turbo 310g Ex Display
Price Drop! Tefal GV8931 Steam 120g Generator Iron 6 bar Turbo 310g Ex Display


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Make ironing quicker and easier with the Tefal Pro Express Total Auto Control GV8930 Steam Generator Iron.

Achieve perfection

Your clothes will look immaculate when you use the Tefal Pro Express; six bars of pressure produce powerful steam delivery of up to 310 g per minute.

The Turbo Steam function is ideal for adding a finishing touch to tailored clothes or for freshening up hanging suit jackets when the iron is in vertical mode.

With a large 1800 ml water tank, you can iron for hours before refilling and it reaches operating temperature in minutes, so it's ready for use when you are.

Intelligent design

With the Tefal Pro Express you'll glide easily through creases, even on thicker materials and the precision shaped plate tip is perfect for those hard to reach areas around buttons and pockets.

Smart Technology Auto Control has three settings, including Normal, Delicate and Jeans, to achieve optimum ironing temperatures that will care for your clothes.

The soft grip offers comfort during extended ironing sessions and the touch button controls are conveniently placed on the base unit.

Incredibly durable

You can enjoy a long-lasting performance with the Tefal Pro Express thanks to the unique anti-scale collector, which helps to tackle limescale.

It also boasts an Autoclean soleplate that seamlessly clears any leftover particles for ongoing smooth gliding.

It's simple to store your Tefal Pro Express with an auto-rewind power cable and storage for both cables within the base unit.

Enjoy great, long-lasting performance that you can rely on with the Tefal Pro Express Total Auto Control GV8930 Steam Generator Iron.

Tefal Smart Technology

Tefal introduces Smart Technology, a steam generator technology designed to save time and remove the hassle from ironing while still providing the excellent results expected of a Tefal steam generator. With one-touch settings and clever technology, Tefal have ensured that the Smart Technology range will provide the optimal balance of steam and heat, essential for achieving a crisp, crease free finish across all ironable fabrics, from delicate silk to stubborn denim. In ironing, compromising between simplicity and ideal results can be a real hassle. Tefal knows that an optimal combination of temperature and steam is essential to obtain optimal ironing results. Tefal innovates with Pro Express Total Auto by creating simpler settings for the most demanding carers.

How Does It Work?

The Smart Technology micro-chip processor automatically regulates and maintains the soleplate temperature and steam output to achieve the optimal mix of the two. With less than one percent variation, this precise feature takes the guess-work out of ironing, meaning no more risk of burning delicates or having the creases return to shirts through using the wrong setting – with Smart Technology you can achieve desired results every time.

Three Straight Forward Settings

Smart Technology provides simplified settings, removing the need for multiple dials and temperature controls. All Smart Technology settings can be achieved with the simple touch of a button, the steam generator does the hard work meaning it’s easier and faster than ever to power through that pile of ironing. The Pro Express Total Auto GV8930 contains 3 pre-set ironing levels; Normal, Delicate and Jeans. These provide you with the range of temperatures required to tackle all types of fabric while still being quick, easy and hassle free to use.

High-Quality Features For Great Results

In addition to Smart Technology, nothing has been left to chance to ensure crease free results when using the Pro Express Total Auto. This steam generator from Tefal can cut your ironing time thanks to a high bar pressure created by heating water in an internal boiler which then travels as high pressure steam through the steam cord and out of the soleplate. This allows the steam to penetrate into the heart of the material fibres which will help remove even the most difficult creases with ease. The higher the bar pressure, the more powerful the steam delivery will be and the better the results will be. With 6 bars of pressure and a 310 g/min steam boost, the Pro Express Total Auto has enough power to blast through even the most stubborn creases with ease. The 120 g/min continuous steam will gently soften clothes and allow for easier ironing.

Premium Soleplate With a Superior Glide

Tefal offer premium soleplates and the GV8930 Auto is equipped with the Glide Protect Autoclean soleplate which combines glideability with long lasting performance. The Palladium coating on this soleplate offers longer-lasting performance by destroying the fibres which can stick to the face of the iron and cause marks on your clothes, damaging the glideability of your iron. This soleplate has also been specially made with a built in anti-drip system and boasts extremely scratch resistant and hard wearing properties. The raised lines running across the soleplate ensure excellent heat distribution and reduce surface area resistance for enhanced glideability. This soleplate also features a precision shaped tip for those hard to reach areas like in pockets and around buttons.  Furthermore, the Pro Express vertical steam function is ideal for getting creases out of suits or other hanging garments and can also be used to de-crease curtains.

Ultra Long-Lasting Steam Performance

Tefal’s Anti-Calc collector provides the easiest way to deal with hard water and extend the life of your Pro Express Total Auto. Simply remove the spoon and tap out the scale - no rinsing or descaling tablets required. How does the Anti-Calc system work? This patented system collects scale residue in a specially coated tray which attracts the particles.

Safe and Easy To Carry and Store

With steam hose and power cord storage compartments the GV8930 is easy to pack away. This is combined with an iron safety lock which securely attaches the iron to the base for simple transportation. Safety is a key priority for Tefal. The Pro Express Total Auto provides stability with its extra stable large open heel for safer storage and easier ironing. It also includes an Auto-off function so there's no need to worry about whether the appliance has been turned off. If left unattended, the iron will turn itself off after eight minutes when on its heel, and after 30 seconds when laid down on its side or with it’s soleplate facing down.

Water Tank

The continuous fill allows you to fill up the water tank without having to turn the steam generator off and wait for it to cool down before refilling. The higher the capacity of the water tank, the longer the ironing session will be without having to refill the steam generator. 1.8 L equals more than 2 hours of ironing. The GV8930’s water tank is also removable, making refilling a breeze.



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